About Be Self Aware

How Be Self Aware Began

Somewhere in my 50s, I really wanted to understand myself better, but I was frustrated with the self help books I had read. They never seemed to take me far enough or apply to my real like, and I often found myself wondering, “What am I going to get out of this?”. Around this time, my partner, Inga, a marriage and family therapist, introduced me to the Internal Family Systems℠ (IFS) Model. The IFS℠ model really clicked with me- I spent over five years studying IFS℠ and became a Level Three (Advanced) IFS℠ practitioner, which is the highest level of training available.

I developed Be Self Aware based on my life experience, knowledge as an IFS℠ practitioner and various ideas or concepts presented by other therapists that I respect. While I practise many of the basic principles of IFS therapy, I live and breathe the principles of Be Self Aware. I also believe that knowledge is only of value if you can share it with others. Be Self Aware is my way of guiding others begin to understand themselves the way I’ve learned to.

I am excited to share Be Self Aware with you. Be Self Aware will guide you in overcoming negative feelings, beginning to make sense of self-harming thoughts and actions, and realizing your true self.

Basics of Internal Family Systems℠

Developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, IFS℠ is a quickly-growing method of psychotherapy based on the idea that, much like we have external families (moms, dads and siblings), we also have internal families (our thoughts and feelings, many of which reflect different ages). I learned why I react to people and situations through my new understanding of external and internal family systems.

IFS℠ helped me identify and soothe the voices that previously tormented me by allowing me to accept that our minds are made up of different parts or personality aspects. These parts work with and against each other and are the reason why we feel, amongst other feelings, nervous, angry or worthless.

It’s possible to calm the parts so our confident, caring selves can emerge.

Learn more about the Be Self Aware logo, which is based on a visual representation of the internal systems that make up who we are.