Be Self Aware Logo

The Be Self Aware logo is based on a visual representation of the internal systems that make up who we are.


The white section at the centre of the circle and reaching to the outside represents Self. Our Self is the calm, confident core of who we are, which is often buried by life experiences. When we are able to comfort our vulnerable parts, our protector parts are able to relax and step aside. This reveals our true Self.

The yellow section represents your exiles. Young, vulnerable parts that carry the burden of past experiences. In an effort to ‘move on’ from painful experiences, we exile the associated memories and emotions by burying them deep in our subconscious. Exiles are also created when we bury undesirable aspects of our personality that don’t appear to fit in with our surrounding social structure.

The green section represents your managers. Our proactive protector parts. In some ways, Managers may be thought of as our will power. Managers are our ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ parts which monitor our behavior on a daily basis and prevent our Exiles from feeling vulnerable before they are triggered.

The blue section represents your firefighters. Powerful protector parts that do whatever it takes to divert attention from feeling vulnerable when an Exile is triggered. Firefighters achieve this through learned behaviors and involuntary physical reactions. The list of possible firefighting tendencies is long and varies from person to person.